What Does Semper Fi Mean to a Moore County Marine After Retirement?


By:  Diane Keating, Pinehurst Town Crier Reporter

Semper fidelis is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “always faithful,” “always loyal.”

Every member of the Marine Corp exemplifies this motto, whether on the battlefield defending our country, or retired. The Marine Corp League, Detachment #1001, situated here in the Sandhills, is an excellent example of carrying this motto to the fullest extent. 

Even after retirement, Marine Corps members of Detachment #1001 display their commitment by pursuing a number of charitable programs benefiting Moore County and the Sandhills .. 

Of course, the Detachment’s most well-known program in our community is “Toys for Tots.” Here their mission is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November, and December each year, and distribute those toys, as Christmas gifts, to less fortunate children in Moore County. 

Another beneficial undertaking is MCL’s Scholarship Grants to qualified applicants who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. Scholarships may be awarded for a maximum of four (4) years. 

Additionally, the Marine Corps League recognizes Eagle Scouts by presenting them the Marine Corps League’s “Good Citizenship 

Award” Certificate. This recognition from our country’s renown veterans provides these future leaders with further inspiration to not only succeed in life, but nobly serve their community and nation through good deeds. 

The list of worthy Moore County humanitarian efforts by Marine Vets continues to include assistance for homeless veterans; protecting and advancing the welfare of wounded and disabled Marines; as well as rendering assistance to the widows and orphans of deceased Marines. 

Contact Dave Berger: (910) 315-7575 for additional information.


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