Seven Lakes the New Everglades?


By: Diane Keating Seven Lakes News Reporter

On Monday of this week, according to Jenny Connover, who lives in the Seven Lakes North neighborhood,“I happened to look out the window and saw something floating out in the middle of the lake,” she said.

Her husband pulled out a pair of binoculars and they decided the floating shape looked a lot like an alligator.

“It was moving and gliding along in the water. We watched it for 15 minutes until we couldn’t see it anymore,” Conover said. “But we kind of dismissed it. I was thinking maybe we were crazy.”

Alligators are a protected species in North Carolina, with their primary habitats in the southeastern portion of the state. They are known to inhabit freshwater swamps, marshes, ponds, lakes and the backwaters of large rivers. Adult alligators are usually solitary, but often congregate together, especially in the breeding season, according to information shared by N.C. Wildlife.

The SLLA homeowners association office said they were notified and a the community’s board president also visited her home to discuss her concerns.


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