Seven Lakes Ace Hardware Makes Significant PPE Contribution To Moore County To Combat COVID-19 Pandemic


Randy and Jill Saunders, owners of Ace Hardware in Seven Lakes and Southern Pines are making a significant contribution in the exisiting inventory of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to those on the front line in our fight against Covid-19 in Moore County.

So far Randy, his wife Jill, Kathy Thompson and his Ace Hardware team have acquired 15,000 N-95 Masks, 10,000 Surgical Masks, 900 Face Shields and 80 gallons of disenfectant /hand sanitizer to be distributed to those operations that are in need with more on the way!

The primary benefactors of the PPE equipment are first responders, nursing homes, health care providers and public safety agencies.

Randy was contacted several weeks ago to by a local health care providor to see if he could help arrange a supply chain of these highly sought after items through his long term pottery contacts in China.  

Through the grapevine that one call led to 70 other agencies requesting supplies.  Nursing home caregivers are really struggling.   My mother is in an assisted living facility in Denver where four residents have tested positive and two have died even though being on lockdown for over two weeks.

Prior to this global pandemic most health care providers and nursing homes just picked up the phone called their local supplier and just ordered what they needed.  

That scenerio ended and many providers are now facing severe shortages to protect those battling this virus on the front lines.

You can‘t just contact a supplier for large amounts of PPE equipment in China due to the fact the the government is shipping throughout Europe.  The Chinese government controls the large quantities of PPE gear for internal and export.   

Their pottery agent in China goes to numerous local suppliers to put together the supplies, 500 here, 1,000 there etc, everyday to get sufficient quantities to ship to Ace via air freight several times each week.

As the supplies arrive they are strategically distributed to the various public agencies and private health care firms.  

There are no sales to the general public.  Individuals can stay home and don‘t have to face the front line perils.

As a community service the group is selling the products at cost with absolutely no profit in an effort to help our community.  

They are actually losing money but don‘t care in a herculean effort to help our to provide these resources to our struggling community.

We applaud Ace‘s efforts.

By:  Victoria Levinger



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