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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Time For High Tea

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The New Boomers

Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil Available Throughout The Sandhills

By:  Brian Jameson, Southern Pines Today Reporter CBD, it is one of the 104...


Flags Flown Over Capitol On 9/11 Will Now Fly Over Seven Lakes

By:  Victoria Levinger, Seven Lakes News-Publisher With thanks to U.S. Representative Richard Hudson, North Carolina 8th Congressional District, three...

Temp Control

Temp Control was founded in 2007 by Matt Bialer, a licensed electrician and mechanical contractor, who had already established a name for...

Ode To “Wolfman Jack”

By: Victoria Levinger Seven Lakes News As a teenager on clear nights my husband Rick grew up...

Babe Ruth Bat Going To Auction

By: Millie Jameson Seven Lakes News Reporter The bat used by Babe Ruth to slug his 500th career...

Tracy’s Carpet

What Does Semper Fi Mean to a Moore County Marine After Retirement?

By:  Diane Keating, Pinehurst Town Crier Reporter Semper fidelis is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “always faithful,”...

Craft Beer Scene Which Is Freshest?

By: Diane Keating, Seven Lakes News Reporter Today’s craft beer scene is overwhelming. Even for those with a grasp...