Garden Club Tours Hemp Company


Seven Lakes, NC Thirty Seven Lakes Garden Club members took a trip to Broadway Hemp’s greenhouse in February.   Ryan Paterson has turned his successful hydroponic tomato operation into a much larger greenhouse hemp operation. 

The leaves and flowers of marijuana plants typically contain 15-20% THC.  

Hemp plants gown for CBD products contain, at most, 0.3% THC.  CBD has many benefits but will not get you high.  The plants look and smell the same.  A very fresh, herbaceous smell. 

Will Ketchen, Cannabis Growing Consultant gave us an excellent tour of the operation and shared many interesting insights into the growing of greenhouse hemp.   It grows very quickly.  Maybe that nickname, weed, is more appropriate than we thought! The six week old plants are a few feet tall and are fully mature and ready for harvest in 12 weeks.  

Broadway Hemp is focusing its future on producing seeds for the rapidly growing hemp business.    We got a peak at the newest greenhouse that is under construction.   It has light control features that will enhance plant growth.  The few hundred tomato plants were also very impressive!   We finished our tour with a great lunch at Tramway Diner.   The weather cooperated beautifully and we had a great day!


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