Corona Virus Case Confirmed In Seven Lakes – West End Area


Some of the confirmed cases in Moore County are in the Seven Lakes/West End area. This virus spreads easily. Please practice social distance and stay safe. 

The Moore County Health Department said it learned of another positive COVID-19 test result on Sunday from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Sunday’s confirmed positive case was found to be unrelated to the previous seven positive cases. This is the eighth case for Moore County and the second case attributed to “community spread.”

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order No. 121, our playground equipment is closed, and our remaining outdoor recreation areas remain open, subject to the limitations on mass gatherings and requirements for Social Distancing.

Section 1.3.iii:

iii. For outdoor activity. To engage in outdoor activity, provided individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements and Mass Gatherings, as defined below, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, running, golfing, or biking. Individuals may go to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas. However, public playground equipment may increase the spread of COVID-19, and therefore shall be closed. These activities are subject to the limitation on events or convenings in Section 3 of this Executive Order.

Section 2.E.a

E. “Social Distancing Requirements” as used in this Executive Order means:

a. maintaining at least six(6) feet distancing from other individuals;

Section 3.A.1 & 3.A.4:  

1. A mass gatherings is defined as any event or convening that brings together more than ten (10) persons in a single room or single space at the time, such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, large conference room, meeting hall, or any other confined indoor or outdoor space. This includes parades, fairs, festivals.  

4. Pursuant to N.C Gen. Stat.166A-19.30(a)(2),-19.30(c) the provisions of this section shall be enforced by state and local law enforcement officers.   


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