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Best Places To Live In NC

By:  Brian Jameson, Southern Pines Today Reporter Some might say wherever there is a college basketball team, a...

Prevent Alzheimer’s

Have A Cigar In Havana

Time For High Tea

Fave Em & Save Em

The New Boomers

Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil Available Throughout The Sandhills

By:  Brian Jameson, Southern Pines Today Reporter CBD, it is one of the 104...

Lifestyles Of The Rich???


Flags Flown Over Capitol On 9/11 Will Now Fly Over Seven Lakes

By:  Victoria Levinger, Seven Lakes News-Publisher With thanks to U.S. Representative Richard Hudson, North Carolina 8th Congressional District, three...

Ode To “Wolfman Jack”

By: Victoria Levinger Seven Lakes News As a teenager on clear nights my husband Rick grew up...

Tracy’s Carpet

What Does Semper Fi Mean to a Moore County Marine After Retirement?

By:  Diane Keating, Pinehurst Town Crier Reporter Semper fidelis is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “always faithful,”...

Top 10 Biggest College Stadiums

By: Victoria Levinger Publisher Seven Lakes News Corporation College football is great because of the play on the...

6+ Million Visitors At Octoberfest 2019

By:  Millie Jameson Seven Lakes News Reporter Almost summer temperatures, 3.3 million guests, satisfied showmen and culinary delights...

I Should‘ve Been A Cowboy

Like the lyrics from a Toby Keith hit, there‘s money in country music.  With the new Ken Burns...

Moore County Residents Lose Over 1,000 lbs

Kelli Barker, Patient Health Advisor, at Seven Lakes Prescription Shoppe, is heading up a new and realistic program...

How To Take Great Pet Pics

Whether you’re hoping to make your dog an Instagram sensation or you just want a nice portrait for...