Burney Hardware Seven Lakes Offers Free Delivery


While we wish to help all that come thru our doors we ask that you keep a 6 foot buffer between people and if you have any flu like symptoms please do not come in! If we get sick we will have to shut down and we do not want that!

We want to continue to use all our employees and that especially means all of our older employees who are more at risk by fulfilling orders and making deliveries away from the public.

Please please take advantage of our free delivery service and curbside service. We are still operating as normal and we are sanitizing all of our high traffic areas, credit/debit pads, bins, bathrooms, door knobs, phones, etc. as often as possible but we want to take every precaution possible.

If you wish to come in the store but don’t want to be bothered or spoken to please grab a pink bucket when you come in and this will let our employees know that they don’t need to approach you.

Thank you so much for your continued support and we are going to do our very best to keep our employees and customers safe and taken care of.

In case you missed it before here is what to do if you would like to use curbside pick up or free delivery…

1. Call 9109441516 and select option 2 to speak with our Seven Lakes store

2. Let whoever answers the phone know that you are wanting either delivery or curbside pick up and this person will take your order and will get you on the list for prompt delivery or curbside pick up.

3. Once your order has been filled we will call you back with an order total and will take payment over the phone.

4. If you chose our free delivery service, we will place the items on your front porch area and we will give you a call to let you know that your package has arrived after we have left your property.

5. If you chose curbside pick up, we will leave your items in a bag on the curbside pick up table located on Trade St directly beside our building. The table is clearly marked with a bright orange sign. Your package will have your last name on it so you will know which package to grab.


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