Burney Hardware Seven Lakes Begins Mask Production For First Responders


According to Sam Ransdell of Burney Hardware, Mike Lomax owner of Sandhills 3D approached Sam about making masks to sell in the store for customers.   Seven Lakes Fire contacted Sam to get masks, then West End Fire Department and the word spread like “wildfire.”  Now the group has over 23 local agencies currently requesting approximately 700 of the masks which are being donated.   To date 185 masks have been produced and they were printing 45 masks per day and now have risen to 80 per day in an attempt to meet the demand.

Making the masks is an extremely slow process to print a N95-style face mask with a 3D printer.  Each mask has a production time of up to 11 hours start to finish, according to Sam. They donated the first run of masks to Seven Lakes Fire and West End Fire with the printers running 24 hours a day.   Since beginning production, Orthotics & Prosthetics of Pinehurst , DISCO 32, Aerospace South, Capstaff Horse Taxi, The O’Neal School, Joy Of Arts Studio and Kreativ Designs have offered their time, printers and materials.

Sam plans on adding a class at Burney Hardware with the assistance of Michael Lomax in the near future to teach local volunteers the method and quality control necessary in the production of masks.  Sam has ordered 11 printers thus far from donations from our community.  None of the masks are being sold as they are donated to various agencies.

The O’Neal School 3D printers are working hard from home just like their students! 

If you have a printer, join their team!   We will supply your filament! If you can donate, we appreciate you! First responders are immensely appreciative!

We are running out of funds for material! If you are able to donate to help us keep printing, please call either one of our hardware stores or visit our facebook page to donate online.  All the proceeds will be used to help make masks for first responders and doctors offices right here locally! 

If your agency, department or office needs to place an order for free masks please email me: samransdell.burneyhardware@gmail.com  

By:  Millie Jameson SLN Reporter


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